Friday, July 01, 2011

Yes/No: Carlson or Moen Top-6 at USA 10k?

If you don't think it's hot enough in the Twin Cities this week, try running a 10k in Atlanta on the fourth of July. Those up to the challenge can prove their mettle at the AJC Peachtree Road Race, which is playing host to the men's USA 10k Road Championships this year.

13.1 Mpls

Team USA Minnesota members Andrew Carlson and Josh Moen ran the race last year and finished sixth and tenth respectively. They return to challenge defending champ Ed Moran and Ryan Hall for the top spots at this year's event.

Our question this week is ...

Yes/No: Will Andrew Carlson or Josh Moen finish in the top six at the USA 10k Championships at the AJC Peachtree Road Race?

Andrew Carlson was a member of the USA Cross Country team and also finished third at the USA 25k Championship in 2011. Carlson is a former USA 25k and 15k champion. He has a 10k personal best of 28:25.

Josh Moen placed second at the USA 25k Champs as well as sixth at USA 8k Championships in 2011. Moen has run as fast as 28:26 for 10k.

In addition to Moran and Hall, other top contenders this year look to be Abdi Abdirahman, Scott Bauhs and Bobby Mack.

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My answer: No.

Last week's question was: Will more than two Team USA MN women place in the top eight in the finals of the USA Outdoor Championships? The answer was no; the highest finishers were Gabrielle Anderson in the 1500 and Emily Brown in the 10k. Both placed eleventh. Seventeen players answered correctly this week.

In the overall standings, the top five contestants all answered correctly, leaving the leaders unchanged. The winner for the month of June was leader Lori Anne Peterson with five points. She answered correctly every week and earned a bonus point. The only other player to answer correctly every week was Chris Rivers. He is now approaching Joe Dimaggio/Edwin Moses territory as he is a perfect sixteen for sixteen on the year.

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Doug said...

Josh Moen finished 11th and Andrew Carlson 21st. The answer was no this week.