Friday, July 29, 2011

Yes/No: Will Smock Jump "B" Standard in Gent?

Track and field can be a cruel sport of numbers. Athletes seem to be competing against the watch or tape measure as often as against other competitors. Amanda Smock has the competition part down - she is the reigning USA Triple Jump Outdoor Track champion. But she has not conquered the tape measure... yet.

Smock won the USA Outdoor Championships with a leap of 46-2. To compete in the World Championships, she needs to jump 46-3 1/4 by August 15th. This weekend she will attempt to master the numbers game and gain a qualifier in Gent, Belgium. (Other Minnesotans competing in Gent include Gabriele Anderson [800m], Garrett Heath [1500], and Jim Dilling [high jump]).

Is she a match for the unyielding measuring tape?

Yes/No: Will Amanda Smock obtain the World Championships "B" standard by triple jumping 46-3 1/4 or further in Belgium on Saturday?

Prior to this season, Amanda Smock's personal record in the triple jump was 45-5. She has reached new heights this year, capped by her personal record 46-2 at the Outdoor Championships. Smock jumped at Melrose High School and North Dakota State University.

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My answer: No

Last week's question was: Will more than four women break 35:00 at the Heart of Summer 10k on Saturday morning? The correct answer was no. The top four runners all finished in the 34s: Katie McGregor, Emily Brown, Stephanie Herbst-Lucke and Emily Harrison. The near misses included Ladia Albertson-Junkans, fifth in 35:05 and Michelle Frey, sixth in 35:12.

It was tough question -- only eleven players answered it correctly. Two of them were Jim Glazer and Jesse Schoen who both moved into a tie for seventh place with sixteen points. The leaders are still Lori Anne Peterson and Mike Henderson.

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Doug said...

Amanda Smock jumped 45-5 for a dominating win in the triple jump at Gent. The correct answer was no this week.