Friday, January 28, 2011

TCM Contributed $336,702 to Charity in 2010

Twin Cities In Motion, the organizers of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon and an array of other events, has announced that it raised $336,702 for charity in 2010.

TCM, together with its community partners and training teams, raised the money through entry fundraisers, individual donations, and contributions to the Friends of TCM program.

TCM focuses it charitable giving on promoting healthy youth through running events

“The energy the event creates inspires people to want to share the amazing feeling of the finish line with our youth - who have a lot to learn from the power of crossing a finish line,” Stephanie Leonard, Volunteer and Marketing Director for Bolder Options, a TCM-supported charity, said in a TCM media release. “The financial support is a great boost for us, but the spirit of the event is what really benefits Bolder Options and the youth involved in our program.”

In addition to monetary donations, goods were also donated to TCM’s In-Kind Community Partners, Hand-in-Hand Together, US’Again Clothes Collection System, and the Emergency Foodshelf Network, the organization said.

US’Again alone collected 3,000 pounds of clothing from this year’s race while the Emergency Foodshelf Network received 46,600 pounds of water, bananas, and potato chips from TCM.

Find more information about TCM's community outreach efforts HERE.


Peter and Cindy said...

Kudos to both TCM and Bolder Options--both are an amazing asset to our community!

Pete Miller

Connect To Charity said...

It’s great to do charity and be a part of a social cause! It takes a lot of efforts and patience to raise money for various social causes.

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