Monday, October 12, 2009

Tollefson Pregnant; Expecting Child in April

Carrie Tollefson has something other than workouts and races to look forward to in the coming months.

The 2004 Olympian is pregnant, and, along with her husband Charlie Peterson, expecting her first child in April.

What had been a semi-open secret in the Minnesota running community for the last few weeks became public in THIS Runner's World Online interview Tollefson.

Tollefson told RW's Peter Gambaccini:

"I said to Charlie 'you know, I feel like I've been trying to play God with my life for three years. And it's not quite working out the way I wanted it to.' I said 'maybe we just need to see what's in His plan and go for it.' And the next month, we found out that his plan was right on and it didn't take us any time (to get pregnant). I thought it would take six months, maybe eight, but we were thrilled to hear that we were pregnant."

The happy news doesn't mean the Team USA Minnesota star is retiring from competition. Tollefson notes that her April 2010 due date should allow her to bet back on the roads by the fall of that year. Making the 2011 World Championships -- ahead of the 2012 Olympics -- would be Tollefson's goal on the track in the following years.

Photo by Victor Sailor/Photo Run.

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