Friday, August 07, 2009

Run N Fun Vs. TC Running Company

The season is winding down for the USATF-MN Team Circuit. Two races remain – the MDRA Minnesota 15k this weekend and the double-points City of Lakes 25K that will close out the season in September. Many of the team races will go down to the wire and in most categories it is Run N Fun battling TC Running Company for the top spot.

We will focus on the open men's category this week:

Yes/No: Will Run N Fun finish higher than TC Running Company in Open Men's Team Circuit scoring at the MDRA Minnesota 15K on Sunday?

The USATF-MN Team Circuit began the 2009 campaign with the Human Race in March. The schedule has continued through the year with races ranging in distance from 1 mile all the way to marathon. In each race, the first place team gets as many points as the number of teams in the event. Second place gets one less point, all the way down to the last place team rewarded with a single point.

In the Open Men category, Run N Fun has battled TC Running Company all year and according to our calculations will arrive at MDRA Minnesota 15k in a dead heat with 54 points. RNF and TCRC have finished first and second in every race this year except for the TC 1 mile where RNF was third. Run N Fun has been led by Jeremy Polson, Jason Finch and Brandon Gleason, while TC Running Company has been fronted by Joey Keilor, Pat Russell and Scott Fiksdal.

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My answer: Yes

Last week’s question was: Will Laishema Hampton medal (finish in the top-3) in the Shot Put at Pan American Junior Champs? The correct answer was “No” – Hampton just missed a medal with a fourth place finish. Only 6 Contestants answered correctly and Chad Bjugan moved into 3rd place by himself with his correct answer.

You can find the all the results and leaderboards at DtB Fantasy Corner.

Good luck and thanks for playing Yes/No on DtB!


Doug said...

Run N Fun swept the MDRA 15k with Michael Reneau, Eric Hartmark and Jeremy Polson going 1-2-3. The correct answer is "yes"

rozydesouza said...
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