Thursday, June 26, 2008

The List: Minnesotans at the Olympic Trials

With the US Olympic Team Trials set to begin on Friday, we scanned the list of entrants, searching for athletes who began their careers in Minnesota, or currently reside in the state. This list reflects the breadth and depth of athletic talent that exists right in our own backyard. Minnesota is represented in nearly every discipline.

Notes: (p) = Pending. Athlete has declared intent to compete, but entry is in provisional status, has an updated mark that must be verified, or requires additional information. This list does not include athletes who have qualified for an event, but have not declared their intent to compete.


400 Meters
(p) Mitch Potter, Otsego (former Gopher)

800 Meters
Trent Riter, Minneapolis (former Gopher)

1,500 Meters
Will Leer, Eugene, OR (Minnetonka HS)
Garrett Heath, Winona (Stanford)

5,000 Meters
Matt Gabrielson, Minneapolis (Team USA MN)
Andrew Carlson, Bloomington (Team USA MN)
Hassan Mead, Minneapolis (Gophers)

3,000 Meter Steeplechase
(p) Luke Watson, South Bend, IN (Stillwater HS)

Pole Vault
Tye Harvey, Isleton, CA (former Gopher)

High Jump
Jim Dilling, Fond du Lac, WI (formerly MSU-Mankato)
(p) Julian Morris, St. Paul (Iowa State, formerly Osseo HS)

Shot Put
Joe Remitz, Bemidji (Bemidji State)
(p) Nate Englin, Columbia, MO (formerly Mounds View HS)

Discus Throw
(p) Karl Erickson, Minneapolis (former Gopher)

Hammer Throw
(p) Kevin Becker, Rochester (formerly UW-LaCrosse)


800 Meters
Heather Dorniden, Inver Grove Heights/Rosemount HS (Gophers)
Laura Hermanson, Fargo, ND (formerly Burnsville HS)

1,500 Meters
Jenelle Deatherage, St. Louis Park (formerly U of Wisconsin)
(p) Carrie Tollefson, St. Paul (Team USA MN)

5,000 Meters
Kara Goucher, Portland, OR (formerly Duluth East)
Emily Brown, Minneapolis (Team USA MN)
Cack Ferrell, Eugene, OR (formerly SPA and Summit School)

10,000 Meters
Kara Goucher, Portland, OR (formerly Duluth East)
Katie McGregor, St. Louis Park (Team USA Minnesota)
Alex Gits, Edina (Stanford)

3,000 Meter Steeplechase
(p) Jamie Cheever, Minneapolis (Gophers)

Pole Vault
(p) Katelin Rains, Coon Rapids (MSU-Mankato)

Triple Jump
Shani Marks, Brooklyn Park (former Gopher)
Amanda Thieschafer, Minneapolis (formerly Melrose HS and NDSU)

Hammer Throw
(p) Elizabeth Alabi, Brookly Park (Gophers)

Javelin Throw
Ruby Radocaj, Minneapolis (Gophers)
Lisa Brown, Lake Crystal (Gustavus Adolphus)

Liz Roehrig, Chilton, WI (Gophers)

We've attempted this type of comprehensive list in the past, with mixed results. Please let us know of any omissions, either via email or in the comments.


Chad said...

Charlie, this is a little off topic, but I was looking at T&F News tonight and they had a list of American Records. Under the women's 10,000m they listed Lynn Jenning's time as the record and had Deena Kastor's and Shalane Flanagan's times as "pending". My question is Deena's time was from 2002, why would it take so long to have the time ratified? I'll hang up and listen.

miller said...

Chad -

I think Charlie is en route to Eugene. Hopefully he will have an answer for you when he gets there. 'Cause I have no idea.

Jesse Schoen said...
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Jesse Schoen said...

One omission I did notice is Rachel Longfors, originally of Pelican Rapids, in the discus.

Thanks for all you do DtB!

Don said...


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