Monday, April 16, 2007

Brutal Boston Marathon to Run as Planned; Get Exclusive Post-Race Details Here

The 111th Boston Marathon started as planned today despite raw weather in the northeast. Race officials are warning participants about start-time temperatures in the mid to high 30s, 3-5 inches of rain, and headwinds of 20-25 mile-per-hour -- with gusts to 50 mph!

As of Sunday, all three Team USA Minnesota athletes entered -- Jason Lehmkuhle, Chris Lundstrom, and Sara Wells -- still planned to compete. Team USA Minnesota President Pat Goodwin told DtB her athletes were in good spirits on Sunday.

"They seem relaxed and not worried about the weather and are taking the necessary steps to be prepared for whatever the elements will be tomorrow," she said. "I have the sense that they will do fine unless the wind is at gale force."

Post-Race Information: Goodwin plans to contact Down the Backstretch shortly after the Team USA Minnesota athletes finish to provide details on their races. Look for this information in the early afternoon ... exclusively on DtB!

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