Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hamline's Brandon Gleason Hit by Car, Badly Hurt

Hamline University junior distance runner Brandon Gleason of Mantorville was badly injured when struck by a car while running in St. Paul on Monday. We'll quote directly from an e-mail we got from Paul Schmaedeke, Gleason's coach, for the details:

Brandon was hit on Monday morning as he was finishing his morning run. A big SUV ran a four-way stop sign. Brandon was in the center of the SUV's cross hairs but managed to jump back enough so that it clipped his hips, knocked his upper body back toward the curb while his legs slid forward in the
path of the wheels.

The SUV actually ran over his legs with both front and back tires. The miracle is that it only fractured his right tibia. The fracture was compound and reset itself. They put a steel rod in his leg the length of the tibia to stabilize the fracture. He may have also torn the ACL in his right knee. However that appears to be the extent of the damage.

Thankfully no head, neck, back or hip injuries. Had a great surgeon who was a college soccer player and now a recreational runner. He told Brandon that he will make the leg like it was and expects Brandon to return to running, with no hindrance from
the fracture. Brandon's spirits are good and he is already planning his comeback.

Adding insult to the injury is that Gleason was doing the best running of his career prior to the accident. He'd clocked an NCAA Division III provisional qualifying 14:35 in the 5000 meters at Iowa State on Friday, for which he had just been named an MIAC Athlete of the Week. He had opened his season with a 8:33 3000m at St. Olaf in January.


Eric said...

I think most of us have been on the 'near miss' side of this situation. This is really too bad. Fortunately he was not hurt worse.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Wow, I ran cross against and played hockey against Brandon in high school. This is surreal to me right now. He has had a great collegiate career to this point. I hope for a speedy recovery.

On the bright side, the site is awsome Charlie. I don't know if you remember me, but I have met you on a few occasions. My dad is Kevin, I think you and John Skemp went to World cross in Belgium in 2004.

Charlie said...

Hi Patrick! Thanks for the comment about Brandon and the kind words. My heart just sank when I heard about Brandon's accident.

I do remember you. I also remember your dad coaching me as an 8th grader at Aquinas and then your mom being the girls coach there later on. We did go to that World Cross together.

All the best ...