Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Brandon Gleason Update

The condition of Brandon Gleason, the Hamline University distance star who was struck by an SUV while on a training run last week, is improving according to his coach Paul Schmaedeke.

"He had a skin graft Wednesday of last week over the compound fracture site on the tibia," Schmaedeke told DtB. "They checked progress of the graft [Monday] and were very pleased with what they saw. They said the graft has taken a 100%. I am guessing this is big in helping prevent infection."

Both of Gleason's legs were run over by both a front and rear wheel of the SUV. Only his right tibia was broken, however. The extent of ligament damage to the left knee was initially unclear.

"They also checked his knee late last week," Schmaedeke said. "They found a torn MCL but the ACLs were only stretched. Good news again, no additional surgery should be needed.

Schmaedeke expects Gleason (pictured) to be released from the hospital sometime this week and to return to classes by February 26th.

Photo courtesy of Hamline University.

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Chad said...

Glad to hear Brandon is healing quickly. Any word on the driver of the SUV? Did they even realize that they hit someone?