Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Koski to Teach On-Line Marathoning Course

Two Harbors resident Katie Koski, the seventh place finisher at the 2005 Grandma's Marathon and one of the country's most intriguing ultra-marathoning prospects, will teach an on-line class geared for participants in June's Grandma's Marathon and Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon.

The course, offered via Lake Superior College, is available in both for-credit or not-for-credit forms. Additional information on the class, which begins March 20th, can be found here.

"I would like students in the class to be able to share in my many experiences running and training for Grandma's," Koski told DtB. "I believe I can be a mentor to the beginning runner and a sounding board and running pal to the advanced runner."

Koski has run eight Grandma's Marathons, twice qualifying for the Olympic Trials at the event. The North Shore has been good to her in a longer event too. In her only ultra, Koski won the 2005 Edmund Fitzgerald 100K race (and finished third overall) with the 9th fastest U.S. women's 100K mark all-time of 8:00:23. The effort earned Koski a spot on the USA team for the World 100K Championships in South Korea last fall, although she was forced to withdraw due to injury.

Koski is currently training for the 2007 Grandma's Marathon. (Full disclosure: I am her coach.)

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