Saturday, November 04, 2017

Close Race for the Boy's Class A Title, Race Results

Declan Dahlberg(821) and Matt Steiger(753) were given the same time with Steiger
getting the win. Here the pair have broken away from the rest of the lead group as the
pair ran shoulder to shoulder through the finish.
Photo by Gene Niemi
While Tierney Wolfgram ran solo to win the Girl's Class A title, the boy's race was a battle won by inches. Answering questions from the press, Declan Dahlberg said that he would have liked to have have defended his title(he won by two tenths of a second over Steiger last year) he was satisfied with the fact that the pair had traded places this time.  Steiger joked with third place finisher Geno Uhrborn that the title was now his for next year as both Dahlberg and Steiger are seniors.  Uhrbom is a freshman.
About 1.5 Miles into the race, third place finisher Geno Uhrbom(881) leads
defending champ Declan Dahlberg(821) and 2015 Class A champion
Matt Steiger(Green singlet and shorts, orange shoes who is running
right behind Dahlberg.)
Photo by Gene Niemi
Race results are HERE

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