Monday, September 25, 2017

Strength Beats Fear for U-Mary's Lexi Zeis

Lexi Zeis defends her Griak Title
Photo by Gene Neimi
U Mary's Lexi Zeis led from start to finish to defend her Griak Maroon DII title. It was more of a time trial than a race as UMD's Emi Trost is still recovering from a foot injury so she wasn't able to continue her rivalry with Zeis.  Both have won national championships and each missed the opportunity to challenge each other.

Zeis has two words tatooed on the back of her shoulder: Strength and Fear.  Strength overcomes the fear says Zeis, who was a national caliber ice skater before she got into running.  She used her mental strength to overcome any doubts she might have going into a competition and the strategy  has been effective.

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