Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The Hidden Value of Shoes

Some additional anecdotes to Richard's shoe story.  Bruce is also an NCAA steeplechase champion and his roommate at the University of Oregon was Kenny Moore, the 1972 Olympic 4th place finisher in the marathon and considered by many to be the most elegant writer covering track and field.

As for the shoes, many years ago  "vintage" Nike shoes were a gold mine for individuals who had wearable Nikes that they could sell for a nice price to individuals in Japan.  For a time Japanese buyers were willing to pay a premium price for Nike running shoes.  Those who had barely worn or unused old shoes that were sitting in their closets  could sell them at a hefty mark up.  Not in the thousands, like Bruce's collector's waffles, but for several times what the owners had paid for them.

Second story on the "Moon shoes" HERE.

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