Saturday, November 12, 2016

Audrey Miller Just Wants to Help the Team

Winning wasn't the goal going into the NCAA DIII Regional Championships, said women's champion Audrey Miller.  "I just wanted to do my best for the team," she said.  Because it was windy, Miller tucked behind the other runners, not wanting to waste energy breaking the wind.

"I felt kind of guilty," she said as if drafting was not what one was supposed to do in this situation.  Miller was content to wait before making her move.  Having run and won on this course on October 1, Miller took away valuable information  about how to navigate the hills,  the patch of sand and gravel, and when to make a break.

That time came a bit past halfway.  She opened a gap, had a six second lead by 5K that increased to a 17 second advantage by the finish.  A sophomore, Miller was introduced to running in the sixth grade. At the time she was also playing basketball.  She wasn't "aggressive" enough for that sport, she said, and decided to drop basketball and concentrate on running. "I liked running the best," she said.

With a double major of biochemistry and Spanish, Miller has not thought of running professionally or trying for the Olympics when her collegiate career is over.  She said she'd like to do a marathon, "maybe an Ironman."  For now she's satisfied with helping the team and seeing where her athletic talent will take her.

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