Saturday, September 24, 2016

Griak DIII Summaries

Griak DIII men's champion. Photo by Gene Niemi
When UW River Falls' Daniel Borash received his first place trophy and climbed on stage with the rest of the Griak DIII men's race top 20, he was greeted with applause that transitioned into the crowd singing "Happy Birthday to You."  Borash smiled from ear to ear and started laughing.

The Senior had a plan for the race--he and his teammate Julian Manley wanted to run together and, hopefully score better than the top two runners of rival UW Oshkosh. But Borash said, he knew it was a tough course and "I didn't want to go too soon."  Borash gave himself a birthday present by beating both of Oshkosh's leading duo who foiled his plan by  finishing 2-3 while Manley placed fourth creating a tie of 5 points for each team's top two runners.

Griak Women's Maroon DIII champion Maya Weigel
Photo by Gene Niemi
Pomona-Pitzer's Maya Weigel was in unknown territory as she sloshed her way through water and mud on the U golf course.  "I didn't know what to expect," she said.  "It was slippery going down the hills, especially if there was a turn at the bottom.  I knew that the time would be slow."  So, she focused on running away from the rest of the pack.

When they let her go, she pushed the pace, building up a lead the others couldn't close.  Defending champion Kimber Meyer of Macalester tried to close the gap, but only got within 45 seconds of Weigel.

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