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Woman's 3K Protest and Disqualification of Gabe Grunewald-Updated with info on protest, TFAA statement calling for transparency

TFAA statement calling for transparency from USATF on the appeals process is HERE. published this chronology of the process thus far HERE

Chicago area North Country Day School high school coach coach Patrick McHugh blog post on the DQ is HERE

USATF Update:  The following statement was issued by USATF on Sunday: 

During the women’s 3,000-meter final contested Saturday evening, a meet official raised a yellow flag, indicating a possible field-of-play infraction by a runner. A review of the official’s report by the Women’s Running Head Referee and subsequently by the Jury of Appeal led to a ruling of no infraction. The Jury of Appeal then reviewed additional video evidence and reversed their initial ruling, disqualifying Gabriele Grunewald for a field-of-play infraction impeding Jordan Hasay. Protests and appeals were filed by representatives of athletes during the process. In accordance with USATF Competition Rules 111 and 119, the Jury of Appeal is a three-person panel appointed by the USATF Games Committee.  Protests and appeals are governed by USATF Competition Rule 146. The decisions of the Jury of Appeal are final.

Interview with Gabe Grunewald HERE. (first 24 minutes of broadcast)

TFAA statement on the women's 3K is HERE.

Morning Update:  It's now official that Gabe Grunewald has been disqualified in the women's 3K.  The Track & Field Athletes Association, the track and field equivalant of a union says in a tweet: "We are looking into the DQ in the women’s 3K at . All athletes should be treated fairly & equally." Still no answer to DtB qustions about the process from USATF.  Grunewald's agent, Paul Doyle, in one of the links below said yesterday that if the DQ stood, he would appeal.

At nearly 11 PM Friday night we know the following regarding the women's 3K at the US Championships.  Team USA Minnesota's Gabe Grunewald was first across the finish line in the race.  After the race, according to the USATF PR release summarizing the action at the US Championships said of the race: "Several protests were filed in relation to the women's 3000m final. After two reviews, including enhanced video evidence, Gabe Grunewald was disqualified by the Jury of Appeals for clipping and impeding the stride of Jordan Hasay. Olympian Shannon Rowbury (Portland, Ore.) won in 9:25.49, with Sara Vaughn (Boulder, Colo.) taking second in 9:26.46."

Team USA Minnesota's Dennis Barker tweeted about the USATF summary that: "This is a farce and untrue."  Jordan Hasay's coach,  Alberto Salazar, answered an inquiry from DtB about the situation:  ""Would be best for you to talk to USATF or whomever.  I was not in at the decision meeting."  An e-mail was sent earlier in the evening to Jill Geer, USATF's chief Public Affairs Officer, inquiring about the facts of the protest.  As yet, we have not received a response.

Barker says in prior tweets that: "Nike group protested Gabe's win and was denied, appealed to jury and denied again, now pushing jury to change upheld verdict."  He further stated:  "Jury's decision is final unless new info comes to light in the rule book. None has but appears Nike group will prevail anyway." Later he tweeted: "A moral line was crossed champs tonight. It's time for athletes and coaches with integrity to demand accountability."

Gabe Grunewald wrote in her Twitter account: "Sincere thank you to everyone for the support today -- I'm not sure what the outcome will be but I hope we can spark some changes." has this quote from Shannon Rowbury: "In regards to her own contact with Grunewald in the last lap, Rowbury blew it off and saying, 'Gabe has a tendancy to be … she just has a big arm swing. So there were a few times I had to try to protect myself and defend myself, but nothing that I felt was throwing me off my game that much. And in the early stages there were so many people so closely packed you know there’s going to be arms and legs allover.'”

Other observer's views of what happened at the US Championships are HERE  HERE,  HERE, and HERE.

The video of the race is HERE.  On Saturday night the results of the women's 3K race have a note attached: "Result will be officially posted on Sunday."

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