Monday, December 16, 2013

Feedback--Share Your Thoughts

This isn't like a PBS pledge drive, it's an attempt to get feedback on what we're doing, what you might like to see here, and what we can do to make the site better.  We've had some good ideas and suggestions, and you can continue to send them.

What is your opinion on the Yes/No feature?  The Pick 10?  The Photo ID?  Do you read them regularly?  Should they be weekly, biweekly/  More frequent?  Less?

What sort of coverage is important?  News Bit clips?  Event coverage?  Event previews? Athlete profiles?  Photo ID stories?  Post event stories?  Features on events?  Features on athletes/coaches/teams?

Is it important to have photos with stories?  Are the photo galleries, photos from events things you want to see more of?  Done too much?  Do you like illustrations with stories or doesn't it matter? Let us know what you think.

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