Sunday, September 09, 2012

Kampf Wins Minnesota Mile

Heather Kampf won the women's race at the Minnesota Mile in downtown Duluth on Sunday in 4:36.5.  Her Team USA Minnesota teammate Gabriele Anderson was second in 4:37.5.  Craig Miller of Madison, WI won an even closer race in the men's competition running 4:01.4, while runner-up Craig Huffer of Australia who finished in 4:01.6.

Team USA Minnesota's Jamie Cheever finished sixth in the woman's race in 4:44.1.  38-year-old Joey Keillor finished 18th in the men's race in 4:14, a second and two places behind Dan Greeno, 24, who has been dominating the road race scene at longer distances. Three women dueled for the women's Masters title with Breeda Willis, 42, of Stevens Point, WI winning in 4:59, followed closely by Tatyana Byelvolol, 42, in 5:01, and Trina Painter, 46, in 5:08. Full results are HERE. Duluth News Tribune coverage is HERE along with a photo of the men's mile "photo finish," and Heather Kampf.

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