Wednesday, August 04, 2010

J'iana Cager Repeats as National Champ at AAU JO Meet

Chris Dallager reports that at the AAU JO Championships in Norfolk, Sub-Bantam (2001 birth year) Girl J'iana Cager, competing for ICAA/MN Breeze from St. Paul, won the 400 meter dash in a time 1:06.13. Cager's time was 1.3 seconds faster than her 2009 win as a Primary Girl.

She has advanced in the 100 meter dash to the semi-finals and had the top 200 meter preliminary time of 29.37 seconds to advance to the semi-finals. Her quest for repeating as champion in all three sprint events remains alive. Other results:

Bantam Girl(2000 birth year) Ellie Bedingham (ICAA/MN Breeze, from Woodbury) 29.51 16th of 71 athletes

Bantam Boy Keylan Jackson(ICAA/MN Breeze) 27.98 6th of 69 athletes

Youth Boy(1996 birth year) Shaheed Hickman(Brooklyn Park) 23.49 12th of 78 athletes

More Results

200 meter dash:

Primary Boy(2002 or later birth year) William Klein (Stillwater) 33.39 62nd of 83 athletes

Primary Boy Malaki Jackson(Robbinsdale) 34.41 71st of 83 athletes

Primary Girl Rebecca Scholder(Plymouth) 35.33 66th of 81 athletes

Sub-Bantam Boy(2001 birth year) Tylan Brooks(ICAA/MN Breeze) 30.06 32nd of 74 athletes

Sub-Midget Girl(1999 birth year) Mikayla Hayes(Minneapolis) 29.94 56th of 80 athletes

Sub-Midget Boy Dominik London(Team Woodbury) 27.72 30th of 74 athletes

Sub-Midget Boy Jeremiah Coddon(Team Woodbury) 28.68 50th of 74 athletes

Midget Boy(1998 birth year) James Fields(St. Paul) 29.36 67th of 73 athletes

Sub-Youth Boy(1997 birth year) Jonathan Webb(Team Woodbury) 25.27 36th of 81 athletes

Youth Boy(1996 birth year) Jake Gourley(Real Track & Field/Eagan) 24.23 28th of 78 athletes

Intermediate Girl(1994-95 birth years) Taylor Anderson(Brooklyn Park) 25.66 27th of 76 athletes

Intermediate Girl Natasha Moore(St. Paul) 26.76 63rd of 76 athletes

Intermediate Boy Casey Lewis(Andover) 23.65 53rd of 71 athletes

Intermediate Boy Steven Wilson(Real Track & Field/Apple Valley) 23.73 55th of 71 athletes

Young Men(1992-93 birth years) Calvin Clark(St. Paul) 22.49 27th of 69 athletes

400 meter dash:

Primary Boy William Klein(Stillwater) 1:14.32 42nd of 88 athletes

Primary Girl Rebecca Scholder(Plymouth) 1:21.42 69th of 87 athletes

Bantam Girl Ellie Bedingham(ICAA/MN Breeze/Woodbury) 1:06.41 12th of 80 athletes

Midget Girl Feyisayo Ayobanide(Brooklyn Park) 1:03.30 30th of 79 athletes

Sub-Bantam Boy Tylan Brooks(St. Paul) 1:07.91 13th of 71 athletes

Bantam Boy Keylan Jackson(ICAA/MN Breeze) 1:04.63 14th of 72 athletes

Sub-Midget Boy Dominik London(Team Woodbury/Oakdale) 1:03.63 32nd of 77 athletes

Sub-Midget Boy Evan Klein(Stillwater) 1:05.99 49th of 77 athletes

Midget Boy James Fields(St. Paul) 1:09.10 65th of 68 athletes

1500 meter run:

Bantam Boy Jack Herrmann(St. Paul) 6:02.75 56th of 65 athletes

Midget Boy Cole Streich(Janesville) 5:20.22 39th of 69 athletes

100 meter Hurdles:

Intermediate Girl Sierra Saulsberry(Robbinsdale) 15.77 23rd of 72 athletes

Intermediate Girl Alanna Lopez(Real Track & Field/Eagan) 17.36 57th of 72 athletes

110 meter Hurdles:

Intermediate Boy Deshawn Crutch(Brooklyn Park) 16.02 26th of 62 athletes

Young Man Rashad Cohen(Chanhassen)15.48 42nd of 71 athletes

Triple Jump:

Intermediate Boy Ethan Turner(Woodbury) 12.58m (41' 3.5") 20th of 56 athletes

Intermediate Boy Deshawn Crutch(Brooklyn Park) 12.25m (40' 2.5") 27th of 56 athletes

Intermediate Boy Chris Ambrozich(Blaine) Foul

Long Jump:

Bantam Girl Destiny Truly(Brooklyn Park) 3.40m (11' 2.25") 37th of 63 athletes

Midget Boy Kjetil Cline(Team Woodbury) 4.80m (15' 9") 15th of 69 athletes

Young Man Derrick Mora(Real Track & Field/Inver Grove Hts.) 6.38m (20' 11.5") 25th of 55 athletes

High Jump:

Sub-Youth Girl Kelli Praska(Real Track & Field/Eagan) 1.32m (4' 4") 24th of 53 athletes

Sub-Youth Boy Andrew Larson(Woodbury) 1.27m (4' 2") 31st of 32 athletes

Discus Throw:

Young Woman Morgan Stampley(Minneapolis) 27.71m (90' 11") 33rd of 57 athletes

Shot Put:

Bantam Girl Destiny Truly(Brooklyn Park) 5.81m (19' 1") 34th of 63 athletes

Bantam Girl Mosi Long-Vance(St. Paul) 5.06m (16' 7.25") 53rd of 63 athletes

Sub-Midget Girl Madison Scholder(Plymouth) 5.79m (19' 0") 49th of 60 athletes

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