Sunday, July 10, 2016

US Olympic Trials Day 9 Results

US Olympic Trials Day 9 Results HERE

Women's Pole Vault
Leslie Brost failed to clear the opening height of 4.40m/ 14'5.25"
Heather Miller-Koch 2nd in the heptathlon with 6423 points. On the team for Rio
Jess Lehman 12th with 5806 points.
Heather Miller-Koch, second place, 6423 points
“This year the mentality was just don’t get fourth place. Last year at the championships, I came in fourth place by 18 points, missed going to World Championships. It’s just been a steady climb. I came out of Division II college. My PR in college was only 5230 points. This year it has just been do not get fourth place.”

“First time I competed against [Barbara Nwaba] was the last Olympic Trials, so we’re known each other since then. It’s been great to get to know Kendell. I had never competed against against her, just know she’s a high school phenom, the best college. She’s the next best thing.”

“The depth of the entire field, the scores were huge — the best it’s ever been in a national championship and it would have been even bigger had we had better conditions. It was a little rainy today. We were running into the wind yesterday. Those don’t produce the best heptathlon scores and we still did it. To get to this meet, you had to take 6,000 points essentially to get into this meet almost. That’s  a huge climb from four years ago. It’s just going to keep going up.”

“I can’t really describe the feeling right now. The whole goal was for this meet. I had done other heptathlons throughout the year but it was all leading up to this competition. I just put it all out there, training specifically for this meet to make the team because I knew it was going to be so competitive. It was just great that we were able to put up such big scores considering head winds yesterday and rain today. It’s pretty awesome.”

“I know that Barbara is a very strong 800 runner, and so is Sharon, who was only a second and a half behind me – she had to beat me by a second and a half – so I knew I had to run. Our plan was for Barb to lead the race and I didn’t want to break stride and I kind of went out a little hot around the corners. I just went with it. I don’t usually like leading. I usually like coming from behind but I knew I just had to trust my training. Coming through the 600 I saw that we were a little slower than what I had been training at so I was just about to finish strong.”

Women's 1500 final 
Gabe Grunewald 12th in 4:18.73

Men's 1500 final
Ben Blankenship 3rd in 3:36.13 Going to Rio
Yellow flag???
 Ben Blankenship, third place, 3:36.18
“It’s really good (to make the Olympic team). For everybody here at TrackTown, they did such a damn good job to put on such a good meet. It’s one of the best venues you can run at in the world.”

On the question if today was the best race of his life:
“Yes. Yeah. I haven’t had the time to process it all, but yeah.”

On the bumping in the race:
“I really think it was the first 200 meters or 300 meters -- in the first lap. (Leo Manzano) tried to come out and I was right there. It was either going to tangle up or one of us has to make a move. It was easier for him to go forward. If anything it helps us.”

“Every time anyone goes out and race, their goal is to make it to a U.S. championship. It was really a solid three years of training under Mark Rowland to get me here.”

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