Saturday, July 09, 2016

US Olympic Trials Day 8 Results: Hassan Mead Qualifies for Rio

US Olympic Trials Day 8 Results HERE
Heptathlon Day 1
Heather Miller-Koch is 3rd with 3822 points
Jess Lehman 19th  with 3.322 points

Women's Javelin Final
Nicolle Murphy 5th in the javelin 56.35m/185'10"
Nicolle Murphy

Men's 5K Final
Hassan Mead 2nd in 13:35.70. Makes the Olympic team for Rio
                             Garrett Heath 13th in 13:55.58

Gopher women's summary HERE.  Men HERE
Daily Relay Photo Gallery HERE

Post Race Press Conference:
Hassan Mead
“I kind of expected it to be an unpredictable race with people going and coming back. One thing I had to do was cover every move being made and had to give myself a chance on the last lap. As my coach said, stay smooth, stay within the race, and bring it home strong.”

“I can’t put any words on it. As a kid I used to watch people become an Olympian and how they reacted when they made it. I was trying to picture what my reaction would’ve been when I made it, and to be able to go through the line knowing I’m going to the next Olympics hasn’t hit me yet, but I’m sure when it does, it’s going to be a great feeling.”

On coming back from 10k DNF:
“To be honest, after that 10k I was devastated. I wasn’t even thinking about the 5k, my mind was a cluster. The people around me, my coach and my agents, everybody was just rushing to help me recover and getting ready for the 5k: fluid, wet towels, everything they could think of. From that point on I forgot about the 10k, and said I’ve got the fastest 5k coming in, I said I was the man to beat and that was the mindset I had.”

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