Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hopkins #1 in Running Times Boy's Rankings

Hopkins boy's team is number one in this week's Running Times rankings HERE.   Girl's top ten is  HERE.  Edina and Willmer are ranked in the girl's; Edina's boy's team is also ranked.  Rankings don't win races, however, and there are an assortment of these lists compiled by various entities.

They generate conversation and are often used as motivation.  The ranking that matters will come in the form of the finish placings at the NXN Championships next month. Barney Klecker, the father of the Klecker clan, said during a conversation at the Griak Meet this year that he told this year's Hopkins team that the top five needed to run sub 16 minutes for the 5K distance to have a shot at winning the title. They did it at the Heartland Region meet, and will have to give the same sort of effort at the  NXN Championships to have a chance to back up their number one ranking with a number one spot on the podium.

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