Thursday, November 26, 2015

Updated: Abbabiya Simbassa and Heather Kampf Lead the Way in the Lifetime Fitness 5K

Team USA's Abbabiya Simbassa won the men's race(14:44) and Heather Kampf the women's(17:11) in the Lifetime Fitness 5K.
Results are HERE

At least one issue with the results.  The number worn by Joe Klecker(1294) is listed as third place, but the name associated with the number is "Bridger Pavelka,"  and the photos show Klecker finishing second.  A Joseph Klecker, who is listed with race #1293, is credited with 25th place overall and a time of 17:13.

Second place finisher with the  name Javier Escobado was a Masters runner in the area in 2013 who was not fast enough to run the time listed.  And this year's Javier Escobado lists a California adddress.  In short, there are some issues with  the accuracy of the results posted.

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