Sunday, June 07, 2015

Vaulting on Fresh Legs; Looking for a Birthday Present

Often good things come when you're not expecting them.  That was the case for Rochester Century's Andrianna Jacobs.  Going into the competition, says her coach Ray Ashworth, Jacobs hadn't expected to attempt to jump as high as she did on Saturday.

Two years ago Jacobs, then a freshman, made her big breakthrough.  She vaulted 13' to set the all-time AA MSHSL meet record.  She hasn't been able to consistently get near or above that height.  She's had strong competition from 2014 and this this year's runner up Northfield High's Lexi Kiefer. Part of her inability to go 13' or higher consistently, said Ashworth, is that she seldom gets to a high school vaulting competition with "fresh legs."
Jacobs is over the bar, photo by Gene Niemi
During the high school season, she's running hurdle races and sometimes triple jumping in addition to vaulting.  She just missed qualifying in the 300 hurdles this year, so it wasn't a surprise that Jacobs returned to form at this year's State Meet and won the competition at 12'9", cleared 13' and had three tries at 13' 4.5".  It also wasn't surprising that the former gymnast and diver  had trouble with 13' 4.5." "We didn't bring enough poles, said Ashworth.  They hadn't been expected to get a shot at 13' 4.5."

She had to borrow a pole from Eden Prairie's stash to to clear 13', but it wasn't the right pole for trying to get higher.  No worries though as vaulting season is just beginning.  Jacobs will be vaulting over the summer and will be jumping at the Brits Pub Vault on September 5.  That event just happens to be on her birthday

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