Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from Down the Backstretch!

Gobble, gobble Down the Backstretch readers!

It's that time of the year again.  The leaves are down, the temperatures (theoretically anyway) are dropping, and running and track-themed websites in Minnesota are turning a perfectly good family holiday into a bitter, winner-take-all contest.

Yep, it's Thanksgiving poll time again!

We again want to know your favorite Thanksgiving comestible.  Just pick one from the poll below, then sit back (with a full stomach, ideally) and wait for official results to be served up.  We'll close the poll at the end of the day Sunday and then name a new Thanksgiving poll champion.

We each have our favorite portion on the plate, and over the years Stuffing (2007, 2008), Mashed Potatoes (2009), and Pumpkin Pie (2010) have won coveted Thanksgiving Championships. (The results of the 2011 poll, alas, were apparently thrown out with the giblets!)  And, while Turkey, the holiday's signature dish, has made strong showings in the contest, cranberries and gravy have had little to be thankful for when it comes to late November.

There’s no clear favorite this year ... some sage observers are picking Stuffing, others think Turkey will be a real animal, and there are even a handful of aliment aficionados who think Gravy might pour it on this year. In the end, of course, it will be you, the DtB readers, who will decide!

So, vote and eat and relax ... and be thankful.  We'll be back with our usual programming on Monday morning.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


Megan said...

You should put mashed potatoes and gravy together as one option...most people don't like either one plain. lol

Charlie said...

It's official: Mashed Potatoes won the 2012 Thanksgiving poll with 20 votes ... topping Pumpkin Pie with 17 and Stuffing with 16.

Gravy, Cranberries, and Turkey tied for 4th-place with 12 votes.

Thanks for playing. We hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!