Thursday, December 02, 2010

Gregg Robertson Wins 2010 Yes/No Title

After 40 weeks of Yes/No questions in 2010, DtB's weekly prediction contest has reached its conclusion for the year. Our final weekend featured a triple-header of questions as well as the final lead change of the year.

Gregg Robertson and Lori Anne Peterson have been among the front-runners all year long and Robertson leap-frogged Peterson on the last weekend by answering two of the three questions correctly.

Bill Miles won the "Mr. November" award by answering five of the month's six questions correctly. He was also the only one to answer all three questions correctly in the final weekend, in fact. November was a good month for Miles all around, as he led his Wayzata Trojans to the state cross country title early in the month before receiving the equally prestigious Yes/No "Mr. November" award.

The top ten
(actually eleven) 2010 Yes/No finishers were as follows:

Gregg Robertson - 29
Lori Anne Peterson - 28
Rachel Karel - 26
Gloria Jansen - 26
Toby Hatelvig - 25
Chris Marshall - 24
Benjamin Melby - 24
Mike Henderson - 23
Bill Miles - 23
Jesse Schoen - 22
Dylan Dragswiek - 22

At some point during the Yes/No off-season, I hope to post the "percentage" leaders showing which competitors answered correctly at the highest rate. As always, this information as well as the final Yes/No standings are posted at DtB Fantasy Corner.

Thanks for playing Yes/No on DtB!

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