Friday, September 18, 2009

Is Katie McGregor Top-5 at the USA 5K?

The CVS Caremark Downtown 5k in Providence, R.I. has always been a race to watch. This year promises to be no exception as the September 20th race is host to the USA 5k Championships. Last year's champion Anthony Famiglietti, who will run the Medtronic TC 10 Mile next month, will be challenged by fellow Olympians Johnathan Riley and Matt Tegenkamp, who recently dipped under the 13 minute marker. Lest these guys get too comfortable, they will also be joined by many of the top road racers in the U.S. and some elite track athletes ready to trade rubber for pavement.

That's all fine and good, but we're focusing our Yes/No attention on the women's race, which looks to be no less impressive. Team USA Minnesota veteran Katie McGregor will be competing with runners like Amy Yoder-Begley who recently finished 6th at the World Championships 10000 Meters and Molly Huddle, the 2009 USA champion at 7 and 10 miles. We want you to let us know where you think McGregor will finish.

Yes/No: Will Katie McGregor place in the top 5 at the USA 5k Championship on Sunday?

Katie McGregor has had a busy 2009 highlighted by qualifying for and running at the IAAF World Championships in Berlin in the 10,000 meters. She also placed 2nd at the USA 15k championship in March. McGregor is at her best running events longer than 5k, but she possesses amazing range and sports a 5k PR of 15:22. The elite start list for the CVS Downtown 5k is HERE.

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My answer: Yes

Last week’s question was: Will the Bethel women place highest among all Minnesota teams (Men and Women) at Les Duke Invitational at Grinnell, Iowa on Saturday? The correct answer was “Yes.” Eleven participants answered correctly.

You can find the all the results and leaderboards at DtB Fantasy Corner.

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Doug said...

Katie McGregor was 6th at the CVS Downtown 5k in 15:49, missing the top 5 by only 2 seconds. The correct answer is "no" this week.

Charlie said...

Yes/no players ...

While Katie McGregor was indeed the 6th woman to finish at the CVS Downtown 5K, she was the 5th-place runner in the USA 5K Championship held in conjunction with the race. (Mary Cullen, who was 5th overall among women, is Irish.)

So, the correct Yes/No answer for the week is actually "Yes" We'll post corrected standings later today.

We're very sorry about the confusion.

-- Charlie