Saturday, April 25, 2009

Short-Cut: Results' Links for April 24-26

While we've been busy covering the Hamline Elite Meet -- see below! -- the rest of the track and field world has continued apace.

Find results of this weekend's action below ...

Drake Relays: Results
Update: Hermanson, Gopher 4x800 (w), 4x1600 (m), Studt win.
Hamline Elite Meet: Results
Brutus Hamilton Invitatiional: Results
Update: Moen 28:26, Gabrielson 28:44; Tollefson 15:35, Brown 15:37.

john cena

Get in Gear: Results
Update: Malakwen defends, Vega 3rd; Misganaw wins again, Lyons 2nd.
Drake Relays: Results
Gustavus Drake Alternative: Results
Sooner Invite: Results
Hamline Elite Meet: Results

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Chad said...

Don't forget McGregor's 32:14.