Friday, April 25, 2008

Elite Meet: Live Coverage from Hamline

That completes the action on the track and in the field here at the Hamline Elite-Meet. Thanks for joining us! Remember we'll be posting running-event video later tonight.

On behalf of my partner Chris Marshall (he's warmer now!), I'm Charlie Mahler signing off from Klas Field in St. Paul!

You can find complete Elite-Meet results HERE.

Girls Pole Vault:

Caitlin Weber of Lakeville North wins with 11-3 ... Lyndie Bosshart of St. James 2nd with 11-0 ... Aubrie Bowers of Owatonna 3rd at 11-0.

Running events are complete here at Klas Field, although we're still waiting for the girls pole vault to finish.

My partner, the chilly Chris Marshall, is beginning to load the running-event video he shot tonight. We hope to start posting that before too long.

Boys Long Jump:

Zach Bork of Rocori wins with 21-7 3/4 ... Diahn Zeon of Richfield 2nd in 20-11 3/4 ... Tylor Erickson of Jefferson 3rd with 20-10 1/4

Girls Long Jump:

Nicole Murphy of Blaine sets a meet record 17-03 3/4 to win ... Alycia Ford-Washington of Richfield 2nd in 16-11 3/4 ... Kayla Sawtell 3rd at 16-8 1/2

Girls Discus:

Abby Busch of Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop wins with 129-1 ... 2007 Elite-Meet champ Jessica Cagle 2nd with 128-0 ... Stephanie Hofland of Centennial 3rd with 119-7

Girls 4 x 400m Relay:

@400 -- Hopkins leads ... 62.1

@800 -- Hopkins with a big lead ... 2:05 ... then Woodbury and Brainerd

@1200 -- Still Hopkins, at 3:08, with Woodbury chasing

@1600 -- Hopkins wins in 4:08.87 ... Grand Rapids 2nd in 4;13.43 ... Rogers 3rd in 4:14.30

DtB would like to thank presenting sponsors TC Running Company and USA Track and Field - Minnesota for supporting live coverage of the Elite-Meet.

Boys 4 x 400m Relay:

@400 -- Mounds View leads ... 51.0

@800 -- Mounds View then Fairmont

@1200 -- Fairmont ... Mounds View

@1600 -- Mounds View wins in 3:28.97 ... Fairmont 2nd at 3:29.86 ... Austin 3rd in 3:31.33

Girls Triple Jump:

All-time Minnesota triple jump record-holder Jordan Helgren of Wayzata wins with a meet record 37-11 3/4 ... Chelsea Fogarty of Belle Plaine 2nd with 35-6 3/4 ... Elizabeth Wilson of Armstrong 3rd at 34-8 1/4.

Boys High Jump:

Derek Jerde of Chaska makes it a three-way tie for the meet record winning with 6-7 .. Wayzata's Billy Buffington is 2nd with 6-4 ... Mike Nielson of Sartell is 3rd at 6-4

Girls 3200m:

@400 -- a huge, massed pack crossed at 83.

@800 -- Danielle Berndt of Bloomington Kennedy leads by 10m in 2:44.

@1200 -- Berndt still clear by 10m in 4:09

@1600 -- Berndt by 15m in 5:34 ... Dani Stack of Loyola and Lauren Rice of Holy Family follow.

@2000 -- Berndt by 20m in 7:01 ... a line of five runners is chasing.

@2400 -- Berndt up by 25m at 8:29 .. but four runners are within stirking distance.

@2800 -- Berndt leads by 20m in 9:57 ... Dani Stack trying to close ...

@3200 -- Berndt wins by 40m in 11:16 unofficially.

Danielle Berndt of Kennedy wins with 11:16.18 officially ... Emma Bates of Elk River 2nd in 11:21.46 ... Dani Stack of Mankato Loyola 3rd in 11:21.62

Boys Shot Put:

Brian Leonhardt of Spring Lake Park wins with 58-11 ... Casey Dehn of Owatonna 2nd with 56-3 3/4 ... Joe Plante 3rd with 53-6 3/4.

Girls High Jump:

Katie Loberg of Princeton wins at 5-5 ... Katie Guse of Waseca 2nd at 5-4 ... Maranda Dohrn of Lake City 3rd in 5-4.

Boys 3200m:

@400 -- Pieter Gagnon leads in 70 ... followed by Jordan Carlson.

@800 -- Gagnon leads in 2:21 ... followed by Carlson.

@1200 -- Gagnon still leads at 3:34 ... then Carlson.

@1600 -- Gagnon in 4:47 .. then Carlson.

@2000 -- Carlson in 5:57 .. then Kevin Lachowitzer and Tyler King.

@2400 -- Carlson, 7:07, followed by Lachowitzer and King and Gagnon.

@2800 -- Carlson clear by 40m in 8:18, then King, Lachowitzer and Gagnon.

@3200 -- Carlson runs away with the win in 9:23, unofficially.

Jordan Carlson's official winning time was 9:23.18 ... Kevin Lachowitzer of Perham was 2nd in 9:31.07 ... Tyler King 3rd in 9:31.92

Remember, we’ll be posting running event video from the Elite-Meet starting immediately after the action ends.

Girls 200m:

Paige Kuplic of Prior Lake wins in 25.86 ... Julia Rozman of Edina 2nd in 26.39 ... Magie Darling of Austin 3rd in 26.41

Boys 200m:

Joe Rancourt of Faribault, tonight's 100m champs, wins the 200 in 22.24 ... Mandella Bakhi of Anoka 2nd in 22.58 ... Paul Yerhot of Chaska 3rd in 22.79

Girls 800m:

Official results ... Hannah McAllister of Brainerd wins in 2:19.93 ... Mikaya Larson of Edina 2nd in 2:21.69 ... Emily Emerson of Centennial 3rd in 2:22.13

@200 -- Schellinger McAllister leads a pack at 32.5

@400 -- Still Schellinger McAllister ahead of a pack at 66.7

@800 -- Schellinger McAllister pulls away to win in 2:19.92 unofficially.


Hannah McAllister of Brainerd wins the race in 2:19.92 unofficially.

Boys 800m:

@200 -- Mellon leads at 28.5

@400 -- Mellon still in front

@ 800 -- Mellon wins wire-to-wire in 1:56.89 unofficially.

Mellon wins in an official time of 1:56.90 ... Robel Kebede of South 2nd in 1:58.01 ... Harun Abda of Fridley 3rd in 1:59.04.

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Girls 300m Hurdles:

Bree Woelber of Pipestone wins in 46.03 ... Jessica Keesling of White Bear Lake 2nd in 46.21 ... Jenna Severson of Spring Lake Park 3rd in 46.51

Boys 300m Hurdles:

Greg Kufall of Hopkins wins in 39.51 ... Paul Mallory of Fairmont 2nd in 39.73 ... Brady Roden of Foley 3rd in 40.00

Girls 400m: Lindsy Mattson of Grand Rapids wins in 58.61 ... Leah Hansen of Mounds View 2nd in 59.10 ... Bridget Sweeney of Hopkins 3rd in 59.82

Wondering what’s next? Check out the Elite-Meet schedule HERE.

Boys Discus Throw:
Micah Hegerle of Kasson Mantorville wins in a meet record 179-11 ... Joe Plante of MACCRAY is 2nd in 175-10 .. Brian Leonhardt is 3rd with 166-11.

Boys 400m:
Kevin Bradley of Mounds View wins in 49.58 ... Nate McGriff of Bemidji 2nd in 50.61 ... Andrew Blazer 3rd in 51.03

Girls 4 x 100m Relay:
Anoka wins in 50.71 ... St. Cloud Tech 2nd in 50.84 ... Prior Lake 3rd with 51.10

Boys Pole Vault:
Erik Romsdahl of St. Jams wins at 14-6 1/4 ... William Brenny of Foley 2nd with 14-0 ... Yoni Seevers of Irondale 3rd at 13-6.

Boys 4 x 100m Relay:
Anoka win in 43.90 ... Irondale 2nd in 44.22 ... Andover 3rd in 44.34.

DtB would like to thank presenting sponsors TC Running Company and USA Track and Field - Minnesota for supporting live coverage of the Elite-Meet.

Boys Triple Jump:
Austin Delaney of St. Louis Park wins with 45-8 ... Eyo Ekpo of Andover 2nd at 43-6 1/2 ... Kenny Schofield of little Cotton High School is 3rd with 43-5 1/2.

Girls 1600m:
@400 -- Brase of Centennial in 74.7
@800 -- Brase leads
@1200 -- Brase leads at 3:58

Chelsea Petit of Holy Angels wins at the line in 5:10.80 ... Mara Olson of St. Louis Park 2nd in 5;10.83 ... Kaylea Brase 3rd in 5:12.85

Boys 1600m:
@200 -- Andy Richardson of Irondale leads at 29.3
@400 -- Richardson and Finnerty at 62.4
@600 -- Richardson and Finnerty at 1:36.0
@800 -- Richardson and Finnerty abreast at 2:09.2
@1200 -- Finnerty to the fore at 3:13.0 ...

Richardson comes screaming down the homestretch to win! Finnerty led by 30m heading into the final turn, but the 2007 Elite-Meet champ narrowed the gap on the curve and hustled down the final stretch to nip the tiring Finnerty.

Richardson wins in a meet record 4:15.16 ... Rob Finnerty of Brunsville 2nd in 4:15.29 ... Zumbrota-Mazeppa's Travis Beniak 3rd in 4:23.52

In case you're wondering how we know the event winners before the events are schedule to run ... it's because Elite-Meet organizers are running tonight's meet on a rolling schedule!

Conditions ahead of the 1600m runs ... 43 degrees ... rainy ... light winds.

Girls 4 x 200m Relay:
Hopkins wins large in a meet record 1:44.63 ... St. Cloud Tech 2nd in 1:47.33 ... Armstrong 3rd in 1:47.61

Boys 4 x 200m Relay:
Anoka wins big in 1:31.86 ... Mankato East 2nd in 1:33.84 ... Bemidji 3rd in 1:33.90.

Need to know the Elite-Meet records? Click HERE.

Girls 100m:
Caitlin Dhein of St. Cloud Tech, the 2006 Elite-Meet champ wins a second Elite-Meet 100m title in 12.37 ... Paige Kuplic of Prior Lake 2nd in 12.48 ... Leah Hansen 3rd in 12.58 ... 2007 champ Julia Rozman of Edina finishes 8th in 12.83.

Girls Shot Put:
Amy Kubat wins in a meet record 41-9 1/4 ... 2007 champ LaiShema Hampton of St. Louis Park 2nd in 40-10 1/4 ... Jessica Cagle 3rd in 38-2 1/4

Remember, we’ll be posting running event video from the Elite-Meet starting immediately after the action ends.

Boys 100m:
Joe Rancourt of Faribault wins in 10.91 ... Chris Norgaard of Spring Lake Park 2nd in 10.95 ... Chi Chi Ojika of Irondale 3rd in 11.04

Girls 10m Hurdles:
Kayla Sawtell of Mounds View wins in 15.62 ... Bree Woelber of Pipestone 2nd in 15.74 ... Madison Smith of Brainerd 3rd in 15.79.

Boys 110m Hurdles:
Paul Mallory of Fairmont wins in a meet record 14.83! Austin Delany of St. Louis Park 2nd in 15.01, Nick Spaeth of Montevideo 3rd in 15.10.

Wondering what’s next? Check out the Elite-Meet schedule HERE.

Girls 4 x 800m:
1st Leg -- Willmar leads in 2:21 over Mankato Loyola
2nd Leg -- Loyola leads by 40m over Willmar in 4:43
3rd Leg -- White Bear Lake leads Willmar at 7:22 ...
Anchor -- White Bear Lake wins in 9:48.23 ... Anoka 2nd in 9:50.77 ... Mounds View 3rd in 9:52.51.

Boys 4 x 800m:
1st Leg -- Bemidji leads at 1:59 ... followed by Willmar and Brainerd ...
2nd Leg -- Willmar and Brainerd together at 3:59 ...
3rd Leg -- Bemidji and Brainerd together at 6:01 ...
Anchor -- Brainerd pulls away on the final turn to win in 8:01.61 ... Bemidji second in 8:04.21, Edina 3rd in 8:16.13 ... Buffalo was disqaulified.

Girls 100m finalists are ... Dhein, Dransgtveit, Hansen, Kuplic, Floyd, Otto, Held, Rozman (defending champ), and Darling.

Boys 100m finalists are … Norgaard, Rancourt, Bobaric, Ojika, Zeon, Sinkfield, Jackson, Dvorak, and Winkelman.

Girls 100m Prelims:
Heat 1 -- Caitlin Dhein of St. Cloud Tech, the 2006 Elite-Meet Champ, wins in 12.42 unofficially.
Heat 2 -- Nicole Drangstveit of Andover wins in 12.66.

Boys' 100m Prelims:
Heat 1 -- Chris Norgaard of Spring Lake Park/St. Anothony wins in 10.98 unofficially.
Heat 2 -- Joe Rancourt of Faribault wins heat in 10.99 unofficially.

Weather conditions here in St. Paul are not as bad a originally forecast -- it's 45 degrees, there's light rain, but winds are fairly calm around the track.

Welcome to Down the Backstretch's live, on-site coverage of the Hamline Elite-Meet. We're reporting live from Klas Field at Hamline University in St. Paul.

To enjoy the meet as it happens, just refresh your browser window regularly for event-by-event coverage of the meet. The latest coverage will appear at the top of this page, older news will be collected beneath.

Running and field events will commence at 5:30 p.m.


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