Thursday, July 26, 2007

Emily Brown joins Team USA Minnesota

If you've followed Team USA Minnesota over the years, you probably won't learn anything new from Friday's Star Tribune article on the program. But if you pay attention to the photo that runs with the story, you will notice former Gophers star Emily Brown training with the group. A quick check of the Team USA MN website confirms that Brown is now on the roster. The Wisconsin native seems like a great addition to a group already loaded with talent.

Charlie's Addition ... If you look closely at the "box" that ran with Star-Tribune story, you'll see that Michelle Lilienthal, a former Wisconsin Badger, has also joined the team.


Chad said...

Congrats to Emily and Michelle. By the way, I didn't see any "box" regarding Michelle.

Also, I hate to shamelessly promote my site, but people can read more about Emily here.

miller said...

The info box - listing the Team USA MN roster with short bios - only ran in the print edition. I couldn't find it online.