Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Class A Girls' 1600

                            Photos by Gene Niemi

Grace Ping(1) and Lauren Ping(3) go 1-2 in the Class A 1600
The sisters went 1-2 in the 1600 and 1 & 3 in the 3200.  
When asked if the Ping sisters, who ran together from the start in the 3200, if that was their strategy, Lauren, who won the race said no they were running their own races.  Each giving it their best effort.  After the 3200, Grace, who finished 3rd, was asked if she was healthy.  Grace said that she had been injured during the MSHSL XC Championships.  She had a hip injury, she said, and the stress on her legs resulted in other injuries through track season.  The pair aren't going to run any more races this summer.  They'll continue training at their running camp.

Matt Steiger(1) and Declan Dahlberg(4) continue their rivalry
They battled to a photo finish in cross country last November.  This year's track saw the duo
compete against one another in both the 3200 and the 1600. Steiger won both races with Dahlberg finishing runner up in the 3200 and 3rd in the 1600.

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