Monday, October 10, 2016

Top Minnesota Men's Finishers

Top 5 Minnesota Finishers:

1. Jonathan Peterson             2:20:21
2. Jake Marotz                      2: 25:37
3: Rob Molke                        2:26:39
4. John Keane                       2:28:32
5. Jacob Olsen                       2:33:25

Jake Marotz
Photo by Gene Niemi

Rob Molke and Jonathan Peterson. Photo by Gene Niemi
Jonathan Peterson and Rob Molke finished 7th and 11th, respectively, in their first marathons on  Sunday.  Peterson said he was able to run low five minute pace early in the race, but that it may have been too fast as he struggled in the final miles.  "You feel so good early that you can go out too fast," Peterson said.Molke echoed those thoughts and said he was happy to have his first marathon was done, and he wasn't pleased with his time, but wasn't shattered by it either.  Overall, he said, it was a positive experience and he hopes to put the lessons he learned to good use when he does his next marathon.

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