Sunday, October 25, 2015

CORRECTIONS: Team USA MN's Josh Dedering did not run the Pittsburgh 10 Mile; Emily Gordon 11th.

Got this message  from Pat Goodwin regarding the item on the Pittsburgh 10 Mile: "I noticed on Down the Backstretch today that you listed Josh Dedering as finishing 15th at the Pittsburgh 10 Miler.  This would be impossible because Josh did not travel to the race.  He was signed up to compete but because of a sore hamstring, Dennis decided last Monday (Oct. 19) it would be best for Josh to withdraw from the race and take a few days off.  So that’s what he did.  Not sure how he could be listed in the results since he was not there.

Pat is correct.  I went back to the results site, where I found the entry this morning.   Josh was no longer listed.  I don't know how Josh ended up in the listings this morning.  The only thing odd about it that I noticed this morning was a discrepancy in the entries for Josh's time.  The listings have two times for each finisher.  One is the "NET" time, the other is the "CLOCK" time.  Many races do this as one time is the official time compiled from the time the starting gun/horn/whatever they use to start the race goes off until the runner's ID, either on a chip or the number is read as each runner crosses the finish timing mat.

Josh's two times were listed as 52:31 and 52:51.  His race number was also listed, but I didn't write that down.  My recollection is that his number was 12.  Josh had been listed as running on the Team USA Minnesota press release from earlier in the week as I checked that to see if he was indeed scheduled to run.  

Bottom line is that I didn't dig further to verify the time and info I was reading in what I assumed to be the preliminary results from the race.  My bad.  Made too many assumptions without checking.  Apologies to Josh and the race.  Thanks to Pat for pointing out my error.

Going through the results again, turns outthere is a second error in the story.  Emily Gordon was 11th, not tenth as listed in thepreliminary results from this morning.
--Jim Ferstle

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