Monday, July 20, 2015

U of M Researchers Looking for Study Participants

Subject: University of Minnesota study looking for active, slightly overweight subjects(BMI >25 kg/m2.) to see how exercise benefits metabolism, the TrainMeUp MN study.

Active people (Age 18-40) who run regularly (>45 minutes running, 5 days per week) and who are otherwise good health. We are interested in how your body has adapted to exercise.

The study will involve 2 outpatient visits to the University of Minnesota. The study will take about 2 months after enrollment, depending on your schedule.

At your first visit, we will measure your fitness by having you run on a treadmill to measure your VO2max. At your second visit, we will draw blood, measure your body composition by using a noninvasive Dual Energy X-ray Absorptometry (DXA) machine, have you run on a treadmill at 90 minutes (speed will be tailored given your VO2 max level) and repeat the blood and body composition after the prolonged run. We are interested in how a prolonged run can change your blood and body composition.

Compensation will be provided.
If interested, please email

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