Sunday, March 22, 2015

Gene Niemi's Irish Run Photo Album

They're off and running. Leaders following eventual winner, Ben Sathre(190), Masters men's champ
Pat Billig on the right side of the photo(#343, black singlet and shorts with a blue long sleeve shirt underneath)
Photo by Gene Niemi

A Leprechaun looking for his pot of gold. Photo by Gene Niemi

Ben Sathre crossing the finish. Photo by Gene Niemi

The chase pack.  Eric Loeffler(353), Dan Greeno(171),
Matt Boumeester(behind Greeno's right shoulder), Patrick Richie(263),
Marty Mitchell(185) and Scott Behlin(61)Photo by Gene Niemi

The battle is on in the women's race between Laura Paulsen(642) and
Katie McGregor(223).  Photo by Gene Niemi

Katie McGregor pulls away for the win. Photo by Gene Niemi

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