Friday, July 27, 2012

Yes/No: Kampf Victorious at Ryan Shay Mile?

Heather Kampf will continue her summer racing season with a road mile this weekend, after running the 800 and 1500 at the Olympic Trials in late June.  Kampf finished seventh in the 800m at the Trials and was a semi-finalist in the 1500m.

The fifth annual Ryan Shay Mile will be run Saturday morning in Michigan.  This invite-only field will compete for a prize money purse that includes a $1000 award for first place.  The race commemorates the life of the USA Marathon champion who died at the Olympic Trials Marathon in 2007.

We will check in with Kampf, a former Rosemount and University of Minnesota standout, with this question...

Yes/No: Will Heather Kampf win the Ryan Shay Mile on Saturday?

Heather Kampf is coming off a recent road mile victory in the Medtronic TC 1 Mile race.  She ran 4:36 to win that race by almost three seconds in May.  Kampf has a 1500 personal best of 4:12 and has run 4:30 for the mile.

There are two major threats to Kampf in this race.  The first is Ashley Higginson who also has run the 1500 in 4:12.  Higginson is coming off a fourth place finish in the Olympic Trials Steeplechase, where she ran 9:38, just off her personal record of 9:34.

The second top contender in the Ryan Shay Mile is Ashley Miller, a recent graduate from the University of Nebraska.  Miller is a Big 12 and Big 10 1500 champ as well as an All-American and boasts a best 1500 time of 4:11.

A press release on the Ryan Shay Mile including entries is HERE.

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My Answer:  Yes

The Yes/No question last week was:  Will Jamie Cheever break 4:20.00 in the 1500 in Ninove, Belgium on Saturday?   The answer was  yes - Cheever ran 4:17 in a big personal record.  Twenty-one players answered correctly this week.  Mike Mason is now the sole leader with nineteen points.  There are three with eighteen points points (Ryan Aylesworth, Gloria Jansen and Rich Cowles).

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Jim from MN said...

YES. 1. Heather Kampf 4:31.83