Friday, May 21, 2010

Yes/No: Will Heath and Leer Break 3:40?

The Yes/No contest will take a quick break from collegiate track meets to check out the USATF High Performance meet at Occidental College this weekend. USA Track and Field is putting on a unique event in Los Angeles on Saturday. There are only two races for both men and women - 800 and 1500 meters and every runner is elite.

Even a small meet in California feels the impact of Minnesota runners. The competitors will include Laura Januszewski
, Garrett Heath, and Will Leer.

Our question this week will focus on the performance of the Minnesota men in the 1500.

Y/N: Will both Will Leer and Garrett Heath run faster than 3:40.00 at the USATF High Performance meet at Occidental College on Saturday evening?

Garrett Heath is a former state champion from Winona who graduated from Stanford in 2009. He finished 2nd in the NCAA 1500 outdoors and ended his career as a nine-time All-American. Heath boasts a 1500 P.R. of 3:37.57, and recently finished the Medtronic TC 1 Mile 5th in 4:06.4.

Will Leer is a Minnetonka High School grad and competed for Pomona College. He won four national titles at Pomona and graduated as one of the best D3 middle-distance runners ever. Leer has taken major strides since college as well - running 3:37.37 and finishing 4th and 5th in the last two USA Outdoor Championships. Leer recently ran 3:38.68 at the Oregon Relays on April 30th.

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My answer: Yes

The question from last week was: Y/N: Will three or more runners break 4:00.00 in the Medtronic TC 1 Mile on Thursday? The answer was no - the race was tactical and David Torrence repeated in 4:04. Thirty one contestants answered correctly with very little change at the top of the leaderboard.

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Megan said...

Is this meet going to be televised or online anywhere?

Doug said...
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Doug said...

I don't know of any T.V. coverage but live results will be here:

Flotrack will be there also:

Doug said...

So close! The answer is no. Will Leer ran 3:37.26 and Garrett Heath ran 3:40.05.