Thursday, April 22, 2010

Yes/No: Seven New Records at the Elite Meet?

The Hamline Elite Meet kicks off tomorrow and its Friday night session will pit Minnesota's best track and field athletes against one-another. The format is simple: any high school athlete can be entered in the meet but only the very best are accepted -- setting the stage for a fast-paced, highly-competitive meet.

13.1 Mpls

It should be no surprise that many of the best high school athletes from the last four years are on the Elite Meet record board, including Alicia Rue, Jordan Helgren, Zach Mellon and Brock Spandl.

We would like to know how many records will be broken this year...

Y/N: Will seven or more records be tied or broken at the Hamline Elite Meet on Friday night?

There are eight athletes who have eight seed times/distances that are faster/further than meet records. They include Analisa Huschle in the long jump, Erica Dombro in the 400, Hannah Schonhardt in the high jump, Kim Hovey in the shot put, Maggie Ewen in the discus, Jerome Begin in the 300 hurdles, Macauley Spandl in the pole vault and Trevor Yedoni in the high jump.

In 2009, there were seven meet records tied or broken.

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My answer: Yes

The question from last week was: Will Jason Lehmkuhle or Antonio Vega run faster than 2:14:00 at the Boston Marathon on Monday? The answer was an emphatic yes - both athletes ran personal bests and broke 2:14. Twenty three contestants answered correctly and there is now a seven-way tie for second place behind leader Toby Hatlevig.

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