Friday, August 22, 2008

Dunn 39th in Olympic 50K Walk

Carleton College graduate Philip Dunn finished 39th in today's Olympic 50K racewalk final. Dunn, who was competing in his third Olympics, clocked 4:08:32.

"The conditions were pretty good, actually,"Dunn told USA Track and Field after the event. "I think we had a good time, and the times at the front show that. It wasn't as humid as it has been."

"I'm elated," he continued. "one, because it's over. Coming in, I knew it had been a long year. This is my third 50K this year. I think it was as good an effort as when I got the "A" qualifier at the World Cup this year. 50K racing is always a challenge. It's brutal. World champions were dropping left and right. I had a strong and steady race."

Dunn finished 28th in the Sydney Olympics 50K in 2000 and 35th in the event at the Athens Games in 2004. His 50K PR is 3:56:13.

Dunn is unsure if today's race will be his last, however.

"Four years ago I was pretty sure I was done," he allowed, "but I love it so much. The other athletes, the travel, the camaraderie, I don't know how you replace that. Maybe I'll find something else. So we'll see."

50K results can be found HERE.

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