Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lehmkuhle (and Klecker) in Q-and-A Form

Our good friend Chad Austin has just posted two new interviews -- with Team USA Minnesota's Jason Lehmkuhle and Olympian Janis Klecker -- on his Running Minnesota site.

Lehmkuhle, who finished 5th at the Olympic Marathon Trails in a PR 2:12:54 earlier this month, talked, among other things, about his decision to wait out an early breakaway in the race.

"My decision to stay where I was certainly was buoyed by the fact that I was running in a group with Alan Culpepper, Brian Sell, Pete Gilmore and Khalid [Khannouchi]. If they thought, it was crazy to cover it. Then I would have had to be an idiot too," Lehmkuhle says.

Klecker, the 1992 Women's Olympic Marathon Trials winner, remembers that event warmly in her interview with Austin.

"The Olympic Trials in Houston is probably my fondest memory of a race. It was exciting to have all the training -- emotionally, spiritually, and physically come together on that day," she says.

For more of Austin's take on the world of running, check out his Simon Says ... Run blog as well.

Also ... It's a little dated, coming as it did before the Olympic Trials, but we enjoyed THIS Washington Post story about former Minneapolis resident Mike Reneau who finished 32nd in the Trials in 2:18:51.

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Chad said...

Nice Washington Post article on Reneau, but I don't think it's fair to call him a complete beginner when he signed up for the marathon class. Heck, in high school he was top-10 in x-c in Wisconsin.