Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Leaders Top Runner-of-the-Year Standings

When Jeremy Polson kicked to victory at the Brain Kraft 5K on Monday, he didn't just put himself at the front of that race. His finish -- along with the rest of his fast running this spring -- also put him at the front of the pack in the scoring for the Minnesota Running Data Center's Runner-of-the-Year.

In the latest standings, which include races through the Kraft 5K, Polson, who competes for Run N Fun, leads early-season leader Patrick Russell of GEAR 59-56 in the Open Men's division. Polson has the fastest times for a Minnesotan this year in the 5K and the half marathon.

Full Open Men's standings can be found HERE. You can read Chad Austin's recent interview with Polson HERE.

GEAR's Nicole Cueno currently leads the Open Women's standings by a point over RNF's Erin Ward. Ward beat Cueno head-to-head at the New Prague Half Marathon recently, but Cueno has scoring marks in more races than Ward.

Full Open Women's tables are found HERE.

Runner-of-the-Year scoring for all age groups, as well as Runner-of-the-Year rules and standards can be found HERE.

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