Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays and Thank You from DtB!

Are you ready for the Holidays and the new year?

We at Down the Backstretch are. It's been an exciting first year for us covering running and track and field in Minnesota on a daily basis. We've been impressed and heartened at every turn by the following our little web-site has gained. On behalf of everyone here who has helped bring the latest running and track news to you, THANK YOU for joining us!

I'd like to offer my own sincerest thanks to everyone who has contributed or commented to DtB. Special thanks go to Pete Miller, who has been involved in the web-site from the beginning and always has something wise to say about it. Also worthy of specific acknowledgement are our most regular contributors Chris Marshall, Chad Austin, and photographers Gene Niemi and Sean Hartnett. I appreciate every ounce of effort they've offered to DtB this year!

We're going to take the next two weeks off for the holiday -- mostly. (If important news breaks between now and early January -- and we're not deep in the woods on our skis -- we'll break into the holiday and let you know.) Mainly, though, we'll try to appreciate the joy and peace of the season and let the slumbering track world take care of itself for a spell.

When we're back again for real in 2008, you can expect some exciting changes to Down the Backstretch ... as well as all the things we hope you've come to appreciate from us.

Happy Holidays and Thank You!


Chad said...

Charlie, it's us who should be thanking you for putting so much time and effort into this great site.

Happy holidays.

Gregg said...

I agree with Chad... Thank you guys! As Jess Koski mentioned in his latest article in Minnesota Running there was a time when weeks would pass until we heard of certain running news. Thanks to Down the Backstretch and other sites we get great news and hot topics (running that is) almost immediately. You guys do excellent work!

Charlie said...

Thanks Gregg!

And thanks too, Gregg, for the photos you've given to DtB!