Friday, May 18, 2012

Yes/No: Olympic A for Heath or Leer at Oxy?

The heat sheets for Friday night's Occidental High Performance Meet promise quality and quantity for the distance events from 800 to 5000.  Many athletes are already chasing qualifying times this Olympic year (trials or A and B standards), while others are grabbing the opportunity to sharpen their fitness against top competition.

Many local athletes will heading to California to partake this Friday, including Gabriele Anderson, Jamie Cheever, Laura Januszewski and Elliot Heath.

But we will check out the men's 1500 with this question...

Yes/No: Will Garrett Heath and/or Will Leer run an Olympic "A" standard of 3:35.50 at the Oxy High Performance Meet on Friday night?

Garrett Heath has run 3:37.12 for his fastest 1500 meters and just ran a huge personal record 13:27 for 5000 meters.  Will Leer has a best 1500 of 3:36.33.

To play our game, simply type "yes" or "no" into the subject line of an e-mail and send it to us at DtBFantasy [AT] gmail [DOT] com before 10:55 P.M. CDT, Friday, May 18th. Please put your answers in the subject line of the e-mail and make sure your full name appears somewhere in the e-mail.

My answer: No

In last week's Pick Ten contest, Rich Cowles finished in first with thirty-three points, followed by Mike Mason and Mitch VanBruggen with thirty-two and thirty respectively.  Bill Atkins leads the overall Pick Ten standings with one hundred ten points.

In the Yes/No contest, Jim Glazer and Ryan Aylesworth are tied for first with ten points.

For all the results, please visit DtB Fantasy Corner, HERE.

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Jim from MN said...

NO this week
Leer 3:39
Heath 3:36